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The CD5 XS shares some of its core components with more advanced Naim Audio CD players. Its low-resonance radial arc disc tray and transport suspension is a unique Naim Audio feature. Designed to provide a rigid and stable platform for the CD, it sits on an independent suspension system to isolate it from mechanical energy and maintain sound quality. Creating our own loader also brought other advantages: it meant we could control important factors such as the reflectivity and composition of the drawer surface which also has a significant effect on sound.

Its extruded and anodised aluminium casework is classic Naim Audio. As with all Naim Audio products, it doesn’t just contribute to the premium aesthetic, it’s an integral part of the overall design. It provides the perfect platform for the internal electronics to perform at their very best by negating external interference and resonances. The CD5 XS is the perfect stage to let your CD collection shine.

Outputs: DIN, RCA
Dimensies: 70 x 432 x 301 mm
Gewicht: 6 kg
Stroom verbruik piek: 30 Voltampère
Bediening: Front paneel, Afstandsbediening
Disc compatibiliteit: CD, CD-R
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