The Chord Company Music speaker cable - factory terminated

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The design of ChordMusic is very similar to Sarum – this time though the insulation is called Taylon, a unique insulating material with a lower dielectric value than PTFE and critically it’s an insulation material that remains phase stable. ChordMusic is also the first Chord speaker cable to feature a Super ARAY conductor configuration. Each set is hand built to order and during the build process, a layer of noise reducing braid is added, along with a further external shield. ChordMusic is also fitted with silver-plated banana plugs. This is the most neutral, uncoloured cable yet produced. It carries signals with an extraordinary degree of accuracy right across the audio frequency. ChordMusic can take a music lover into an entirely new world. A quite extraordinary speaker cable that will transform the performance of any system.

Geleider: High purity heavily silver plated OFC
Diameter: 2x8mm
Isolatiemateriaal: Taylon®
Luidsprekerkabel gauge: 10
Afscherming: Individually shielded positive and minus conductors. High density silver plated foil and dual silver plated 95%
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