Norstone Norstone Esse

Levertijd: 3 tot 5 werkdagen

The best creations often find their origins in the most basic principles. This new piece strengthens the NorStone Design concept meaning: an efficient structure, using noble and strong materials, made to house your electronics with elegance and sobriety. Owning a Esse, is also following the current design trend as it is available with 7 different finishes.

Eenvoud in kleur! 

Poedercoat staal in hoogglans zwart of wit
Glazen plateau's in zwart, wit, rood, roze, paars, grijs en blue lagoon

Maximum draagvermogen
Bovenste plateau tot 80 kg
Interne plateau's tot 50 kg

B1100 x H530 x D400 mm
Hoogte tussen plateau's: 190 mm
Gewicht: 29.8 kg

Lengte: 1040mm
Diepte: 400mm
Hoogte: 530mm
Gewicht: 29.8
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