Supra Cables Ply 3.4 luidsprekerkabel afgeschermt

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Supra Cable uit Zweden is een kabelfabrikant die staat voor no-nonsense kwaliteitsproducten tegen een zeer goede prijs, in zeer herkenbaar Supra-blauw. Alle kabels worden gefabriceerd in de eigen fabriek in Zweden en hebben mede daardoor een zeer hoge kwaliteit.
Wist u dat Supra de uitvinder van de specifieke luidspreker kabel is? Zij waren de eerste met een speciaal samengestelde kabel voor de audio toepassing, tot die tijd werd elektriciteitssnoer gebruikt. Goede luidsprekerkabels zijn vandaag niet meer weg te denken uit een mooi opgebouwde hifi set…

LoRad patented shielded mains flex 110-240VAC
LoRad means LOw RADiation and minimize both electrical and magnetic
fields. LoRad protects both from fields radiating from the cable and pickup
of surrounding noise fields, e.g. wireless and mobile phones, radio
broadcasts, etc.
The radiation is lowered by means of two techniques. First the patented
shield minimizing the alternating electrical fields from the cable. It also
minimizes the RF pick-up (Radio Frequency). The magnetic fields are
cancelled by twisting the conductors in a short pitch.
The benefits are cleaner sound, pronounced transients and an improved
3D soundstage. We also hear customers describe more detailed sound and
we are not surprised. If your equipment is installed using SUPRA cables,
the noise floor is generally suppressed by several dB, allowing more of the
content to be revealed.
Low radiating cables is also increasingly important from a health point
of view. Science has proven that alternating magnetic fields affects cell
The LoRad secret is the yellow/green earth lead. Prior to SUPRA LoRad all
shielded cables consisted of four conductors; live, neutral, earth/safety
ground and a fourth lead, the drain wire, which is always connected to
the shield. So far no one had successfully passed the 30,000-operation flex
test without the drain wire cutting and in turn damaging and shorting
out the inner conductors. Now we did something unexpected as usual.
We simply merged the safety ground lead with the drain wire and insulated
the combination lead with a semi-conducting plastic allowing the shield
to remain in contact with the drain along the entire cable length. No
separate drain wire was needed anymore; the cable passed the flex test
allowing us to launch an all new cable design, world patent by SUPRA.
LoRad is the only shielded cable meeting the European safety regulation
HD 21.5 S3. The cable must be connected to a wall socket with a
ground terminal for the full LoRad effect.
You can easily test the
power cord radiation with
AC field sensor.
Hold the sensor tip to
a cable and if it lit, the
cable radiates an electrical
field. The cable need
to be connected to a
live wall socket.
Now, try the SUPRA LoRad
instead and you will find
no indication.
• Hi-Fi and studios
• Medical equipment
• Laboratories
• EHS (electro hypersensitivity)
• Noise critical installations
LoRad Series
Additional product information available in the final section
Selected customers:
• Swedish National Laboratory of
Forensic Science, SKL
• Swedish Air Force (JAS Project)
• Hospitals
• A majority of European air traffic
control towers

Technical Info
Mechanical Specifications

Crossection area 3.4 / 12 mm2 / AWG
Number of conductors 2 pieces
Number of strands per conductor 192 pieces
Strand diameter 0.15 mm
Conductor material Tin plated oxygen free 5N Copper
Insulation and jacket Heat and age resistant PVC
External size 7.2 x 7.2 mm
Weight 97 g/m

Electrical performance

Resistance 5.1 Ohm/km
Inductance 0.20 µH/m

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