Revox Revox - Joy J120 MKII

Simply beautiful. Revox Joy Beautifully simple. The S120 offers a simple and timeless design. Only high quality materials are being used.



Simply beautiful.

 Revox Joy Audio Network Receiver

 Beautifully simple.

 The Revox Joy Audio Network Receiver is truly multitalented,

 not just in terms of the wide range of sources and

 functions but also in respect of the operating options and of

 course the awesome audio qualities that it demonstrates.

 Timeless design, quality materials such as glass and

 aluminium and an excellent sound, all packaged into a

 compact system. The ultimate audiophile network receiver

 for music lovers who will not accept any compromises. A

 brilliant performance that is powerful enough to satisfy

 even the highest demands. But at the same time so

 restrained that you can enjoy even the quiet sounds, to the





Dimensions H 88 x W 200 x D 351 mm

 Weight 6,3 kg

 Fuses 230 V 2,5 A

 115 V 5 A

 Power consumption Max 330 W

 Normal operation 20 W

 Quickstart 4,5 W

 Standby < 0,6 W

 Temperature range +10

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