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Totem Sky luidsprekerset

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De nieuwste luidspreker van Totem
Komen zien is verplicht luisteren!
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De nieuwste Totem monitorluidspreker

De Sky, een verlengde van het verleden.

De missie van Totem is het ontwerpen van luidsprekers die in staat zijn tot reproductie van echte muzikaliteit en meeslepende muziekweergave in een compact ontwerp. De nieuwe Sky monitor is een resultaat van meer dan 30 jaar ontwerpen met deze filosofie.

Limitless. Boundless. Timeless.

The SKY will make you fly to a whole new level of appreciation. A compact marvel for all types of source mediums, the SKY offers flexibility, livability and lasting acoustic quality. The SKY delivers an ultra-stable performance specifically in critical vocal and definition areas. Slim, trim and visually self-effacing the SKY truly shines with the latest innovations in speaker design. You will be amazed by the ultra-wide spatial performance coming out  from such a compact package. 

The SKY is made with unique borosilicate dampening that controls energy release yet keeps the cabinet musically  alive. A specially designed 5-inch driver, long throw characteristics, 3-inch voice coil unit with 500W peak transient capacity delivers a fantastic musical response. The Totem SKY was truly created for an age where value is put on a pure and honest musical rendition. Whether on a table top, in a book-shelf or on a dedicated stand, the Sky is optimized to work beautifully close to rear wall boundaries.

Design features

  • Compact and aesthetic design
  • High-performance, acoustical finish
  • Large gauge air core coils
  • High-level point source imaging
  • Ideal for two-channel music and home theater systems

Technical features

  • Full mono-shell, hand-assembled chassis
  • Lock mitered cabinet joints
  • Exclusive, hard-wired crossover
  • Solid twin-pair, gold-plated terminals
  • Magnetic grills included for easy removal and longevity


It is only through the support of advocates such as yourself that true sound can be promoted...The speakers require several hours of actual music playing time as a minimal break-in period. During this time, refrain from playing them at very loud levels. You will notice a definite gradual improvement in the cohesiveness of the music reproduction as this occurs.

8 ohm
Frequentie bereik
48 Hz - 29.5 kHz ± 3 dB
87 dB/W/m.
Aanbevolen versterkervermogen
30 - 125 W
22,9 cm
16,2 cm
30,5 cm

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