Acoustic Energy AE 100 luidsprekerset

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Levertijd: 1 tot 2 werkdagen

Een compacte luidsprekerset met een uitstekende basweergave.

The AE100 is a new compact standmount / bookshelf loudspeaker that exhibits qualities which perfectly embody those of Acoustic Energy.

The AE100 has been designed with a view to achieving high sound pressure levels from an extremely small enclosure. This is obtained principally through the use of a 4 inch mid-bass drive unit built around an ultra high force, long throw motor system. Bass performance is augmented by a slot shaped duct allowing for a considerable cross sectional area while negating the issues of air turbulence.

A 28mm soft dome tweeter featuring our Wide Dispersion Technology completes the driver compliment, that’s housed within an 18mm MDF cabinet. Taking design cues from the award winning Reference Series and finished in a choice of satin black or walnut vinyl veneer finishes, the AE100 is sure to look good wherever you choose to place it while delivering a sound that belies its compact size.

Type: Monitor
Impedantie : 4 ohms
Frequentie bereik : 45Hz -35kHz
Rendement: 87dB
Aanbevolen versterkervermogen : Tot 75w
Diepte: 24 cm
Breedte: 16 cm
Hoogte: 27 cm
Gewicht: Onbekend
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