Hegel RÖST

Levertijd: 2 tot 3 werkdagen

De Hegel Rost is nu behalve in wit ook in zwart verkrijgbaar.

Stel je voor een kleine, mooie en ongelooflijk veelzijdig audio apparaat die de meeste moeilijkste luidsprekers die je kunt bedenken, kan aansturen. Veronderstel een echte HiFi-oplossing je kunt gebruiken met jouw iPhone, integreren in jouw "smart home" en dat al jouw favoriete muziek afspeelt op de manier waarop het de bedoeling was. Geen vervorming van de originele muziek signaal. Geen verstoring van het uiterlijk van jouw woonkamer... heb je net de Röst bedacht.   
Hegel RÖST is een geïntegreerde versterker met AirPlay en IP-control, uPnP streamen, digitale en analoge ingangen. Eisa award winnaar 2017-2018 in de categorie geïntegreerde versterker.

2x75W aan 8 Ω
Digitale ingangen: 1*coax, 3*optisch,1*USB, 1*ethernet (RJ45)
Analoge ingangen: 1*RCA, 1*XLR gebalanceerd DLNA, Airplay streamer
Dempingsfactor: >2000

Imagine a small, good looking, and incredibly versatile piece of audio kit that can power some of the most difficult loudspeakers you would ever want. Imagine a true high fidelity solution you can use with your iPhone, integrate in your “smart home” and that plays all your favourite music the way it was intended. No distortion of the original music signal. No distortion to the looks of your living room... you have just imagined the Röst.  

Röst is the name of one of Norway’s most beautiful islands. Way up north in Lofoten. About as far out from the mainland as you can get. The name fits like a glove.

Röst can also mean “voice”, and the Röst is truly the “voice of Hegel”. With the patented SoundEngine amplifier technology, highly advanced preamplifier and delicately designed D/A-converter, the Röst sounds fluidly natural and dynamic. It preserves all the tiny details that create the feeling of being there, and delivers deep, thundering bass when needed.

The Röst easily connects to any device you want: a CD-player, a streamer, a computer or perhaps Google Cast Audio? You can connect your iPhone, Macbook or even an AppleTV using AirPlay. Or maybe integrate a Sonos Connect? The choice is yours.

Hegel Röst is designed to make everyday devices sound as good as possible, and to make audiophile devices sound even better. We achieve this using proprietary technology developed in-house by Hegel.
The Röst is available in a smooth, white, painted, aluminium and steel chassis. Even the knobs are made of solid aluminium, and have the same comfortable touch. Together with the white, slightly dimmed OLED display, this is a unit you would easily have visible in the home. Ready to be used with your speakers or headphones.

The Röst comes with a remote control, made from a solid block of aluminum, but is also IP-controllable and may be integrated in most smart-home solutions.

Power output spk 75 w/pc into 8 Ohms
Analog inputs 1 balanced (XLR), 1 unbalanced (RCA), 1 home theatre Analog outputs 1 variable line level (RCA)
Digital inputs 1 coaxial, 3 optical, 1 USB, 1 ethernet (RJ45) Control input 1 ethernet (RJ45) - combined control and streaming
Frequency response 5Hz-180kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio More than 100dB
Crosstalk Less than -100dB
Damping factor More than 2000 (main power output stage)
Dimensions 8cm (10cm w/feet) x 43cm x 31cm (HxWxD)
Weight 12kg shipping weight

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