Sugden Sugden HA-4 klasse 'A' hoofdtelefoon versterker

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Als je een echte hoofdtelefoon luisteraar bent dan kan deze top klasse 'A' hoofdtelefoon versterker niet in uw hifi set ontbreken.

The HA-4 is not only a state of the art class A headphone amplifier, it can also be used as a compact high-end pre-amplifier. The design is similar to our top of the range Sapphire DAP-800 and will drive any dynamic headphone. Featuring Sugden VCV circuit and coupled to a pure class A zero feedback mosfet output stage. The HA-4 is unconditionally load stable with a discrete constant voltage series power supply. A high input impedance ensures absolute minimal loss of signal with perfect current gain.

Inputs ​ One line level input, one balanced input
Outputs Stereo ¼” jack socket, one line level output
Volume Control Manual operation
Input Impedance 20k Ohms
Gain 16dB
Channel Separation >90dB
Frequency Response >0.3dB 20Hz-30kHz
Signal to Noise >95dB
Output Impedance 1 Ohm
Gross Weight (packed) 6kgs
Dimensions 80 x 250 x 310mm (hwd)

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