KEF M100 Earphones

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A masterpiece of KEF's innovative acoustic engineering in miniature, M100 Hi-Fi earphones share the same design integrity and build quality as the rest of the M Series range. The aluminium 'race-track' casing is precision machined with diamond-cut chamfered edges, and the internal components are exhaustively tested for consistently accurate response. Nothing is overlooked, right down to the environmentally friendly new benzene-free production process - another KEF 'first'. There are four cool colour finishes to choose from: Racing Blue, Sunset Orange, Titanium Grey and Champagne Gold.


The shell is ergonomically angled for a snug, comfortable fit while preserving M100's extraordinary clarity. Compatible with all Apple products and most other devices, and with industry standard protection against excessive sound pressure, you can enjoy true high resolution sound whenever, wherever and for as long as you wish.

Type: In-ear
Driver: 10 mm
Impedantie: 16±15% Ohm
Frequentiebereik: 20Hz~20kHz
Gebruiksduur: Afhankelijk van aangesloten apparaat
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