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Supra CAT8 netwerkkabel per meter

Supra CAT8 netwerkkabel per meter

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Supra CAT 8 netwerkkabel die voldoet aan de nieuwste norm tevens losse stekkers verkrijgbaar. Lees meer..

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Is weer voorradig!

Losse netwerkstekkers

upra Cat 8 Computer Network Cable - Astonishing performance!

Supra Cat 8 is one step ahead by providing a future proof cable, e.g. 40GBASE-T over one singel cable! It is used advantageously in TCP/IP and UDP applications where correct jitter-free data transmissions is critical, e.g. 4K and 8K video streaming, high quality music streaming (e.g. 32 bits @ < 700 kHz for some downloadable music), gaming, data centers and in-building installations.

HDBaseT is transmitted over 6A up to 100 m (328 ft) long, with 8P8C modular connectors of the type commonly used for ethernet local area network connections. From Cat 6A to Cat 8 the step is four times the bandwidth. Supra Cat 8 allows for 2,000 MHz(!) an incredible transfer speed providing for quality enhancing massive headroom. 

HDBaseT transmits uncompressed ultra-high-definition video (up to 4K), audio, power over HDBaseT (PoHDBaseT - up to 100W), Ethernet, USB, and a series of controls such as RS and IR.

Features and benefits

  • Performance better than "8.2" according to preliminary specification IEC 61156-10 - Astonishing future proof transfer speeds
  • Excellent NEXT (or crosstalk), very low dampening and mutual lead pair interference - Bit correct transfers
  • Low dampening - long cable lengths without signal degradation or voltage drops for PoE
  • Excellent shielding, both pair and total - Almost completely interference immune with very low pick-up
  • Low jitter, perfect timing - Very low bit stream timing errors gives low needs for error corrections, thus high transfer speeds
  • Bandwidth at 2,000 MHz - Buckle up because this is going to be a ride to remember ...
  • Flame retardent, halogen-free - Allowed in public spaces and buildings
  • Made in Sweden!



Installation and patch cable for all networks conforming to ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 (2nd issue), for computer centrals according to ISO/IEC 24764, EN 50173-5 and also TR 11801-99-1. Ideal for all applications from D up to FA and Class II, Multimedia (TV, video, data, voice) >40 GbE enligt IEEE 802.3 bq (draft), cabel sharing, VoIP and PoE/PoE+


"In order to illustrate the importance of good cables, we will tell this story from real life. A reknowned hifi brand (the name is not important) marketed a beautifully designed combo of a CD player and an amplifier with massive power resources and also incorporating a very good DAC. Between the two units, a brand new interface was designed, allowing the amplifier DAC clock to override the CD and sync the bit stream transmission providing virtually zero jitter. Another great feature was that the CD provided for additional digital sources to be connected, and here comes the ingenious customer benefit, the digital input stages, eliminated the jitter from e.g. computer by buffering and synchronized the external bitstream to the built-in DAC in the amplifier. So, in fact it was a very well working jitter "washer". Now we come to the disastrous choice, enclosed there was a substandard network cable that left numerous customers without this wonderful feature due to horrendous sync problems and retailers were told to market this combo with only analogue interconnects or S/PDIF. These options did not even come close to the full potential of the combo soundwise. When we changed this network cable to the Supra Cat 8, all skips, drop-outs and sync-problems vanished and the combo started to work, sound perfectly, and still does."




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Supra CAT8 netwerkkabel per meter

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Beoordeel Supra Cables Supra CAT8 netwerkkabel per meter

Supra CAT 8 netwerkkabel die voldoet aan de nieuwste norm tevens losse stekkers verkrijgbaar.

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